Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid Waterproofing

Cold applied roofing, liquid roofing, ah25, & many more

Liquid Waterproofing system can be install or repair on a new flat roof by South Coast Roofing Company. which is a Single liquid hybrid polymer system and is a Solvent-free Roofing System (non-hazardous), has no nasty smells or odour, Once applied our liquid waterproofing is completely water repellent so no need to re-coat, Liquid waterproofing provides excellent elasticity and strength which is ideal for a variety of Projects including: New build, repair or refurbishment projects, Flat roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways, Complex detailing, up-stands to name a few.

Cold applied wet on wet Liquid Waterproofing

South Coast Roofing Company operates as a specialist company and is able to deal with all types water leakages & preventions of all types of roofing situations. South Coast Roofing Company has an experienced team with exceptional level of expertise in liquid waterproofing, cold applied roofing, liquid roofing, ah25, support and stabilization techniques. By retaining a specialist approach, the company is able to deliver on time and within budget and has strict quality controls over all aspects of the operations.

What is it?

Single liquid hybrid polymer system
Solvent-free, (non-hazardous)
No nasty smell
Once applied, FIX-R is completely water repellent so no need to re-coat after a downpour
Provides excellent elasticity and strength
Ideal for a variety of surfaces including balconies, terraces and even water features
Minimum wastage
Maximum value for money

Liquid Waterproofing

Ideal For

•New build, repair or refurbishment projects
•Flat roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways
•Complex detailing, up-stands, penetrations & terminations
•Recoating failed single ply roofs

South Coast Roofing Company uses quality products on every project even where the main criteria is to meet a tight budget; we will never use inferior products and can always find a solution for your roofing needs.

We provide quality systems to solve any roof-related problems you may have. We value every customer whether you need new roof, roof repair, or inspection, no job is too big or too small for us. Please Contact Us for liquid waterproofing.

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