EPDM Weather Resistance

EPDM Weather Resistance In order to protect it from sunlight which has a damaging effect on the surface, traditional felt roofs have required a layer of stone or gravel to be added (which often get washed into gutters and hoppers causing blockages). Also, felt roofs are susceptible to cold conditions and checks need to be […]


Due to its extended lifespan and reusability, EPDM is recognised to be an environmentally friendly material with significant advantages over other types of roof membranes. Both Greenpeace and ACTAC (The Association of Community Technical Aid Centres) have named EPDM to be the leading choice for roofing where environmental sustainability is concerned.

EPDM Benefits

EPDM offers a wide range of benefits compared with other forms of flat roofing and it is therefore unsurprising that its popularity over the last ten years has grown significantly with homeowners seeking that long-term solution to flat roof problems.