Liquid Waterproofing, GRP, EPDM, & Cold Applied Roofing Systems.

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South Coast Roofing Company has many types of flat roof solutions (such as EPDM RUBBER, GRP & LIQUID WATERPROOFING), From your garden shed to a large school block.

We install EPDM (rubber), GRP (fibreglass), Liquid Waterproofing, Torch On Felt & Lead to name a few. We can advise and help you decide on the best solution for your requirements.

We provide quality systems to solve any roof-related problems you may have. We also handle all your needs from repairing a small leak to a complete strip-off of your existing roof and replacement with a new one.

We value every customer whether you need a small repair, Inspection, Or a large project no job is too big or too small.

We only use quality products on every project even where the main criteria is to meet a tight budget; we will never use inferior products and can always find a solution for your needs.

EPDM (Rubber Roof)

Highly flexible
Faster installation reduces labour costs
Unmatched weatherability
Resistance to ozone, UV radiation and extremes of temperature

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Range of colours
Innovative system
Cost reduction

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Liquid Waterproofing

Non hazardous – solvent-free
Root resistant – ideal for ‘green roof’ projects
Water repellent on application
Fully reinforced with polyester fabric

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Cold Applied Roofing Systems

As technology has moved on, We now have many type of Cold Applied Systems to choose from, There is GRP, EPDM, Liquid Waterproofing & Single PLY's. All systems are very good in there own right, But which one is good for your project? At South Coast Roofing Company we can advise you on the best system for you needs, warranty & budget.

Although the traditional felt has a very good track record and is still very popular, The new materials with better technology have moved over to Cold Applied Systems, These systems eliminate the need for gas torches and the potentially combustible mix of heat and timber & are all seamless across your roofs which means if laid correctly it encapsulate your whole area in one hit. The liquid Waterproofing  can be dressed around awkward shapes much more easily than membrane systems. But the membranes like EPDM can be cut to size which fits your whole project in one piece which eliminates any joins, Some of the cold applied systems can be walked on & some would require protecting which we can advise on when you choose which membrane you would prefer, Speak to us for friendly professional advice on which cold applied system is best for you.


EPDM, GRP (fibreglass), Liquid Waterproofing, Torch on Felt, Single Ply, Asphalt, Slates, Tiles, Lead, Industrial  Sheeting

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